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Title: Want
Author: loca_femenina/tristesolamente
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Pairings: Aoshi/Sano; mental Saitou/Sano
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Saitou and Sano are not mine. I truly wish they were... *facepalm*


Saitou watched.

He watched as Aoshi ran his fingers skillfully over Sano's body, making Sano shudder and sigh. He watched as Sano arched his back to Aoshi's kisses, how he moaned for more touches. He watched as Sano grabbed Aoshi's hand and sucked on his first two fingers then guiding Aoshi's hand to Sano's cock. He watched as Aoshi softly stroked his and Sano's cock– no. Sano doesn't like it like that.

Saitou could see that Aoshi was ready to plunge deep into that hot body offering itself to him. But he needed something...


Saitou looked down to his right. The small jar of oil Aoshi had prepared earlier that day was there. But prepared? Yes.

It all started with Sano going on about how he wouldn't mind sharing a bed one night with Aoshi. Aoshi happened to be walking close by and heard what Sano said. Saitou was about ready to kill Sano when Aoshi walked up to them and quietly called Sano's name. Aoshi asked Sano what all he said meant.

'Well, you know...'

Then Aoshi blushed.

Sano noticed his blush. He smiled and whispered, his hand blocking the view of his mouth from Saitou, 'Do you really want to?' Aoshi nodded, turning redder. 'Well, alright! Come to my place tonight, 'kay?' Sano smiled and winked, seeming to forget that Saitou was there. Aoshi nodded again. Sano has been excited since. He's getting what he wanted...

Saitou walked up to Aoshi and handed him the jar. He sat down in front of Sano and watched as Aoshi poured the oil into his hand and rubbed it onto his cock. He reached for a cigarette and watched Aoshi finger Sano, then position himself behind him and thrust in. Saitou blew a puff of smoke into Sano's content face.

Saitou kept watching.

He watched Sano's head bob up and down with the force of Aoshi's thrusts. He enjoyed the moans he heard escape from Sano's beautiful wet lips. Aoshi's constant grunting way beginning to annoy him.

Saitou let the cigarette rest between his lips as he unzipped his pants and let his hard length stand proudly, free. (Omg wtf, I'm going to hell for that. XD) He went for Sano's face and grabbed it, making Sano look at him with lust-filled eyes. Saitou looked down at Sano and blew another puff of smoke into his face. Sano looked away. Saitou jerked his face up again and said "suck".

Sano did. Saitou calmly continued to smoke. Aoshi's thrusts slowed down. Saitou could feel Aoshi's eyes on him, on Sano, watching how with one hand Sano kneaded Saitou's balls and how with the other, he squeezed at the base of his cock.

Aoshi moaned. Saitou smirked and Sano started to choke.

Saitou watched Sano cough. He walked away and stood behind Aoshi. Aoshi sighed and almost slowed his thrusts to a stop, closing his eyes. Saitou knelt behind Aoshi, kissing along the nape of his neck, cigarette burning between his fingers as he caressed Aoshi's chest. Aoshi sat back, weak. Saitou chuckled. "Patience Aoshi... so eager..."

Saitou heard Sano groan. He crushed his cigarette on the tatami mat floor while Sano let Aoshi slide out of him. Saitou watched Sano lie on his back and spread himself, waiting for Aoshi.

Saitou reached over and dipped his fingers inside the jar of oil. A small smile appeared on Saitou's face as he watched Aoshi's body tremble. He touched Aoshi's opening and gently slid one finger inside. Aoshi gasped and rested his head on Sano's chest, who was right underneath him.

Aoshi breathed roughly as he felt Saitou adding a second finger and wriggling them inside him. Saitou leaned over and kissed Sano, who was caressing Aoshi's back and head.

"Aoshi..." whispered Saitou into Aoshi's ear, caressing his side. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

Sano moaned. Aoshi moaned too. "Yes..."

Saitou added a third finger and started to lick Aoshi's neck. "What do you want, Aoshi?"

Aoshi groaned and let his head fall weak again on Sano. "Don't make me say it..."

"Say what, Aoshi?" Saitou let his fingers slip out of Aoshi and smirked when Aoshi grunted in disapproval.

"Fuck me..." Barely audible.

"I didn't hear you Aoshi..."

"Fuck me..."


"Fuck me Saitou..!" Aoshi's face turned a deep red now.

"Be nicer Aoshi." Saitou reached for the jar of oil and poured some on his hand and rubbed it on to his sex.

With his head bowed, Aoshi quietly said "Please..."

"Hn..." Saitou looked at Sano as he entered Aoshi. Sano turned a bit pink and closed his eyes when he heard Aoshi let out a pleasurable moan. Sano rested his hands on Aoshi's hips, right over Saitou's hands.

Aoshi moaned louder and louder as he stroked himself to the rhythm of Saitou's thrusts. Saitou felt so good inside him, so big. He looked down at Sano, who was stroking himself too. Sano's moans were exciting Aoshi more. "Wait!"

Saitou stopped and watched as Aoshi kissed Sano, his hands hidden between his and Sano's body. Saitou rested slightly on the heels of his feet as he watched Aoshi lift Sano's legs and place them on his waist. He felt Aoshi moving, so he began to fuck Aoshi again.

Saitou felt the pleasure build up as he stared at Sano's face. His open mouth. His tightly closed eyes. In his mind, Saitou was the one taking Sano and making Sano moan out his name. But the name on Sano's lips was not 'Saitou', it was–

"Aoshi! Oh..."

Saitou closed his eyes, breathing deeply, and reveled in the sound of Sano's moans and the tightness of Aoshi's backside.

"Sano... Sano!!" Aoshi's voice. He's reached his peak.

Saitou stared at Sano, waiting for him to open his eyes and meet his. It happened that way. Sano met Saitou's golden glowing eyes and came with a gasp. Just a few second more and Saitou came too.

It was just Saitou and Sano lying together on the futon. Aoshi dressed quickly and left without meeting Sano's or Saitou's eyes.

"Hey Saitou?" called Sano sleepily.


"Do you think Aoshi liked it?"

Saitou opened his eyes. "Don’t be a fool. Of course he liked it... He wouldn't have acted so..."



Sano laughed. "You could be right..."

"Of course I am."

"Why do you think he did it?"

Saitou sighed. "Maybe he likes you."

"No way!" Sano sat up, eyes wide as he looked at Saitou.

Saitou smirked as he closed his eyes. "Go to sleep."

"But wait! What would you do if he really did like me? If he said to me 'I want to be with you'? What would you do?"

"What would you want me to do?" asked Saitou calmly.

"I- I don't know... well okay... what if I want to be with him? What would you do then?"

"I'll wait until it happens."


"Shut up and go to sleep. I'm tired."

Sano sighed and lied down. He kissed Saitou on the cheek. "I love you, ya know? I just..."

"Don't you ever listen, Sanosuke? Go to sleep!"



I'm not exactly happy with the ending. I think I pretty much rushed through it to get over with my writer’s block. Should I change it? Suggestions?
Tags: aoshi, rurouni kenshin, saisa
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