Ichigo~! (loca_femenina) wrote,

Title: Peek
Author: loca_femenina/tristesolamente
Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin
Pairings: Saitou/Sano or any other black-haired, thin-lipped sexy man in your mind.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Saitou and Sano are not mine. I truly wish they were... *facepalm*


Grunting was heard. An oh.


The grunting was now accompanied by another's panting. The sound of flesh against flesh becoming louder.


A moan. Panting. A face contorted in pleasurable agony. Head hanging low. Body rocking against the others'...

His eyes were hidden behind moist, black ruffled hair. Face gleaming with sweat. Thin lips were parted...


That beautiful face again. Seeming as if in pain, yet showing so much pleasure. So much happiness. Love. That voice in tune with the face. Loud. Honest. Seeming to forget that a world exists besides his and that mans'...

Everything seemed to slow down as the mens' breathing became hoarse. The moaning was becoming louder. Breathing hoarser. Moaning even louder than before...!

And then...


Silence. A serene afterglow. A sense of peace and tranquility...


"Get offa me, would ya?!"


(Note: At first, I wanted it to sound as if someone from the station who knew Saitou as Fujita Gorou was watching. But it turned out this way... It’s as if the reader is witnessing the mansecks through a window... or something like that... XD)
Tags: rurouni kenshin, saisa
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