Ichigo~! (loca_femenina) wrote,

Sweet Flowery Scent
By Krii

I used to live with this guy named Micah. Pretty boy. I remember this one time; he came out of the shower, stood there naked in his room with the door half open, putting lotion on his body, combing his pretty hair. I remember the flowery smell that seemed to follow him everywhere he went.

I had a dream once. I was touching his soft skin, smelling him, kissing him. How tender his skin felt under my rough hands. I was touching his hair. Silky. Smooth. Flowery smelling... I don't think that scent will ever leave me... I woke up before anything happened, confused.

He always looked at me. Smiled so sweetly at me. Always laughed with me. He was really playful. He never said anything, but I think he likes men. He looked too pretty to be straight. I couldn't... can't imagine him topping a female.

I never thought I'd want another guy... He left. I sometimes wished that he'd come up to me, ask me to take him. He never did. But I guess that's a good thing.


I changed the ending from what it used to be. I pretty much said it in my head and when I typed it down, I forgot the ending. I think it was something like that. I think it's alot better than how it used to be.
Tags: originalness
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