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I wrote another random original piece. Check it.

Warning! Contains twincestousness, voyeurism, and random, twincestous smut! Go read something else if you don't like that... freakyness. If you like it, be my guest! Comment please.

Twincest OMG
By Krii

"Jake! I'm horny..." Harris, the second twin walked up to Jake, who was sitting on the stairs, waiting for class to start.

"What does it have to do with me...?" asked Jake, feeling his face flush. He looked at Hunter, the first twin, who was only smiling.

Harris got closer to Jake, kissing his neck softly. He looked at Jake, smiling and said, "I want to have sex with you."

"Harris... you're scaring him..." Hunter went and sat next to Jake, smiling at him.

Jake's face turned even redder. He didn't say anything, only stared wide-eyed at Harris. Harris smiled. His face was too close for comfort to Jake's, then he brought his lips close to Jake's. Jake gasped and pushed Harris' face away. "No! Don't kiss me..."

Harris moved back and said, "Please...?"

"Harris, go away and jack off in the bathroom if you're so horny. Leave Jake alone..."

Harris laughed and stood in front of Hunter. Jake looked up at the twin boys, noting how much bigger they both were compared to him. They were both smiling at him. Then, all of a sudden, Harris kissed Hunter on the lips. It seemed Hunter didn't mind since he closed his eyes softly and kissed Harris back.

Jake felt himself redden again. He pointed at the two boys, laughing and said out loud, "Oh my god! TWINCEST!!"

The three of them laughed. Then Harris said, "Hey! He likes it!" Hunter laughed and only watched Jake.

Jake felt tears at his eyes from laughing so hard. "I didn't say that! You're the freaky ones! Kissing each other and everything!"

"Do you want to watch?" Hunter asked, looking intently at Jake, who felt his mind go blank at the word 'watch'.

"You wanna see how freaky we are...?" Harris once again had his face close to Jake's.

Hunter laughed, seeing Jake turn redder. Harris moved out of Jake's face and sat in between Hunter and Jake. They just stared at Jake. Jake didn't know what to say.

Then Harris laughed and asked, "If we asked you too, would you come?"


"Not that type of come Jake."

"I know that!"

Harris laughed. "Look at how red his is! That's a yes Hunter!"

"I didn't say that!"

"But you didn't say no!"

The three of them laughed again. Then Hunter pushed Harris off the stairs playfully and scooted over closer to Jake. He whispered in Jake's ear, "We'll take you home with us. You don't have to do anything, just watch..."

Then bell rang and Jake stood up. Hunter stood up at the same time. Harris was at the bottom of the stairs, telling Hunter to hurry up, looking a little serious than before. Jake only stared at Hunter, who was walking down the stairs, his eyes still on Jake. Jake only nodded. Hunter smiled and ran to catch up to Harris.


"School ended a little too quickly for my liking..." Jake walked to his locker slowly, not paying much attention to what was in front of him, but somehow dodging random people without looking up.

He sighed and looked up when he reached his locker, seeing Hunter and Harris watching him, ready to go home.

"Well, you two seem excited..."

They both smiled and replied in unison, "Yes!"

Jake smiled and looked away, leaving his school books in his locker. When he finished, he looked up at the twins. They smiled and started to walk away. Jake followed.


The twins were oddly quiet on their way home. They always looked back at Jake, always smiling at him. It made Jake feel uneasy. He started to regret agreeing to watch them.

Once the boys entered Hunter's room, which was bigger than Harris', they threw their things on the floor, took off their shoes and sat on the bed, watching Jake. Jake didn't move from the door. He felt nervous, the way they were looking at him...

Hunter stood up and grabbed a chair. He set it close to the bed. "Sit here."

Jake nodded, he moved the chair back a bit and sat. Hunter smirked.

Harris was already starting to undress, taking off his shirt, his jeans, leaving his boxers and socks on. "Hurry up yo! I'm getting horny again..."

Hunter chuckled, got on the bed with Harris and began kissing on his neck. Harris lied back on the pillows and tugged at Hunter's shirt and jeans. Hunter laughed and took off his shirt, looking at Jake. Harris sat up and started to unbuckle Hunter's jeans, pulling them down to his knees, leaving him with his boxer briefs on.

Jake gulped as he watched. It all seemed so erotic to him. Watching them undress. Seeing Hunter's erection through his boxer briefs. Watching Harris push Hunter back and pulling his jeans all the way off, pulling at his boxer briefs slowly, both of them looking at Jake with lust filled eyes. It excited him.

Harris let his hands roam over Hunter's chest, going up to kiss him. Hunter rubbed Harris' ass, groping his cheeks roughly, making Harris moan softly and Jake gasp. Hunter pulled Harris' boxers off, gently stroking the reddened cheeks. Harris was kissing Hunter's neck, licking his cheek, suckling on his earlobe. When Harris was naked at last, he sat on his heels, smiling softly at Jake, then, he leaned over and licked the head of Hunter's erection, which was poking out of his briefs.

Jake felt his eyes water. His mind was blank, only filling with the images he was receiving, letting them sink into his memory. His breathing was quickening, watching the muscular twins play with each other that way. Never before did he ever think to see them do such things to each other, to have them look at him that way, he felt he was going to die.

Hunter's boxer briefs were gone, his erection swelling inside Harris' mouth. Hunter grunted and grabbed Harris by the arm, throwing him back on the bed. He kissed Harris' lips, the kiss growing hotter by the second, a line of drool falling from Harris' mouth. Then, Hunter grabbed Harris again and made him land on the other end of the bed. Hunter lied down on the bed, opening his arms and looking at Harris.

Harris threw himself at Hunter, kissing him again. Harris then looked at Jake, who was blushing, and he turned his back to Hunter, taking him into his mouth again. Hunter grabbed Harris by his hips and pulled him closer to his face. Harris gasped when he felt Hunter's tongue at his entrance, licking his balls, teasing his cock.

At times, Jake couldn't tell which one was which. They both had short dark brown hair, the same body type. Seeing them together, naked, it confused Jake. He couldn't stop staring though. It was impossible.

Hunter told Harris to stop. They sat up facing each other, faces flushed slightly, panting, sweaty. Then they looked at Jake and smiled. Jake blushed a deeper shade of red. Hunter reached under his mattress and easily pulled out a half empty bottle of lube. He looked at Jake again and laughed. Harris went to lie down on the pillows again, legs spread, watching Hunter.

Hunter kissed Harris on the chest, flicked his tongue over Harris' nipples, the bottle in his left hand, the right teasing Harris' cock. Hunter sat up, teasing Harris' entrance with light touches. It actually made Harris laugh and Hunter did too. Hunter opened the bottle and poured some at Harris' entrance, rubbing it around and then letting his index finger slide in easily. Harris gasped and bit his lower lip, watching Hunter.

"Did I hurt you?" Hunter looked worried.

Harris smiled. "Nah, it feels good." He laughed at looked at Jake. Jake was staring wide eyed at everything Hunter was doing.

Hunter added two more fingers, moving them around, stretching, feeling. Harris moaned loudly and Hunter knew he was ready. He poured more lube into his hand, rubbing it onto his cock, positioning himself at Harris' entrance. Before going in, he looked at Jake and smiled. Then he kissed Harris and pushed in slowly.

Jake's mouth hung open, lips moist and breathing still fast. He wondered to himself, what if that was me? He held his breath when Hunter started to move inside of Harris. He remembered to breathe again when Harris moaned, squeezing Hunter's arms.

It went on for minutes, Hunter kissing on Harris' neck and chest every once in a while, head always resting on Harris' shoulders. Hunter started to move faster, the bed shaking with their movements. Harris let out a long gasp, turning his head towards Jake, reaching out to him with his arm, his face a deep red, showing pleasure.

Hunter stopped all of a sudden. Jake was about to protest, but stopped himself in time to see Hunter slip out of Harris, sitting so that Jake can see everything and said to Harris, who was still trying to catch his breath, "Come here..."

Harris blushed and looked at Jake. Then he crawled over to Hunter, putting his hands at his shoulders and straddling Hunter. Hunter sat up and rested his hands at Harris' hips, pulling him down slowly when Harris grabbed his cock and slid it into himself.

Harris sighed and wrapped his arms around Hunter's shoulders, moving up and down. Hunter closed his eyes and concentrated on keeping Harris at a slow pace. Then he opened his eyes and pulled Harris closer to him, looking at Jake over Harris' shoulder. Jake swallowed hard, his face still red. Hunter's eyes shifted downward, resting at Jake's crotch, smiling at the noticeable bulge in his jeans.

Harris groaned and tried to move faster. Hunter looked at Jake and stopped Harris from moving, saying, "No, no. This isn't only for us... now turn around..."

Harris turned around, turning redder when he saw he was directly in front of Jake. Hunter put his arm around Harris' waist, guiding him to his cock. Harris sighed and looked down, reaching for Hunter's erection and helping him slide it back in. Hunter didn't give Harris time to get used to the position and started to thrust up into Harris, surprising him and making him fall, head lolling back, weak.

Jake stared, not being able to believe that something so big could fit inside something that looked so small. He could see it being squeezed, wetness sliding down Hunter's balls. He looked up and saw that they were both watching him again. Then Harris smiled, still blushing and asked, "Wanna join us?"

Jake jumped at the question. "No...!"

Hunter laughed and kissed Harris' back, grabbing him and positioning him on all fours. He was close and he knew Harris was too. Harris gasped as Hunter sped up, always hitting that spot deep inside of him. He moaned over and over, Hunter's little gasps and grunts exciting him even more. When Hunter came closer to his climax, he began to slide all the way out, leaving only the head inside of Harris, then thrust back in, hard and slow. He did this a few times, and then sped up again, grabbing Harris' dripping erection and pumping it in time with his thrusts. Then he stopped, quickly turning Harris over, and sliding back inside of him, wrapping Harris' legs around his waist and thrusting in hard. With a loud moan, Harris came, continuing to moan as Hunter still thrust into him and coming himself with a loud moan of his own.

Hunter and Harris lay panting, willing their breaths to slow down. Hunter slipped out and looked at Jake, who was now biting his lip and still a deep red. He chuckled and grabbed some tissue to clean himself and Harris off.

Harris sat up, looking exhausted. He started at Jake, eyes still tinged with lust. Then he smiled and said, "Come here. You look like you need help..." Hunter laughed.

Jake stood up and walked up to the bed, sitting next to Harris. Hunter was starting to put his clothes back on. Harris grabbed Jake's hand and gently pulled him closer, letting him fall on the pillows. Jake looked nervous. Harris smiled softly, gently caressing Jake's cheek. Jake looked a little more relaxed. Then Harris started to tug at Jake's jeans. Jake sat up quickly and pushed Harris' hand away.

Harris only watched Jake with a look of sadness. Hunter finished dressing and said, "Look at yourself Jake... you're hard. He just wants to... help you... let him. He won't hurt you."

Jake looked back at Harris. "Lie back down, I'll make you feel good..." He did. He felt Harris unzip his jeans and pull out his erection. Harris gave the head light kisses, a gentle lick, his eyes always on Jake. Jake put his hand over his mouth as if to keep from moaning. Harris continued to lick and suck, grabbing his balls gently and squeezing them. Jake couldn't hold back the moan that escaped his lips then. After a few minutes, all of his length was inside of Harris' mouth, warm and wet. Jake started to feel hot all over, felt his balls tighten, then he saw white as he came into Harris' mouth. He looked down at Harris cautiously, thinking he angered Harris, but he only saw Harris's Adam's apple move up then down as he swallowed Jake's seed, licking his lips afterwards. He smiled up at Jake as he tucked his softened cock back into his underwear, zipping his jeans back up.

Hunter was sitting where Jake was before and asked, "How was it?"

Harris stood up to dress, watching Jake, waiting for his answer.

"How was what...?" Jake knew it was a stupid thing to ask.

The twins laughed. Hunter then said, "How... freaky we were..."

Jake couldn't help but laugh. The twins laughed too. "It was freaky."

"But you liked it!" Harris looked like an excited little boy in a toy store. Hunter was smiling knowingly.

Jake crossed his arms and said, "Whatever..."


Naaaa... I'll fix it later if there are any mistakes...
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