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Title: Demyx/Marluxia Teahouse Smut Fic
Author: loca_femenina/tristesolamente
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings: Demyx/Marluxia
Rating: R - NC-17
Disclaimer: I sure as hell know that I don't own these two, and you should know that too! >XO
Warnings: Buttsecks

Demyx/Marluxia Teahouse Smut Fic


Demyx was just starting to close his eyes when he heard Marluxia's familiar voice. He groaned when he felt his weight on him. Demyx tried to shove Marluxia away with his arm, but Marluxia only giggled, held Demyx's arm and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.

"Demyx, let's go out! It's boring here..." Marluxia sat up and pouted, looking down at Demyx, as if to convince him.

It worked.

The two dressed... somewhat casually. Demyx wore blue jeans, with, to Marluxia's disappointment, black sneakers, a white t-shirt, and his long black coat. Marluxia wore black pants, dress shoes, a black dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top and a black jacket. Marluxia actually looked manly, except for his hair, which was tied in a ponytail, loose at the front, and a scent of flowers that was forever with him.

As they walked into the city, Marluxia grabbed Demyx's arm and leaned in close, whispering, "I have... a surprise for you..." then he smiled and took Demyx's earlobe into his mouth, closing his eyes and savoring. Demyx groaned, then sighed.

"Stop that... we're in public!"

Marluxia giggled.

As they walked, women stared and blushed when Demyx winked at them. Marluxia pulled on his arm, causing Demyx to stumble. The women walked away, laughing.

"Aww..." Demyx looked back, reaching his arm in the direction of the women, "You killed my groove, my chance to meet a lady..."

Marluxia stopped walking, throwing Demyx's arm and saying, "What about me?!" He grabbed Demyx by the waist, pressing his body close to Demyx, "Aren't I good enough...?"

Demyx laughed nervously, blushing and looking away. Marluxia smiled and pulled Demyx's arm, looking from left to right. He suddenly stopped and pointed across the street, to and old fashioned, Japanese styled tea house. He gasped and said, "Tea!!"

Demyx didn't get the chance to react as Marluxia pulled his arm, looking back to make sure that he was following. They stood in front of the teahouse, Marluxia putting his hands together, looking up at the teahouse and blushing. An elderly woman stepped out to greet them. She bowed and Marluxia bowed too. Then he pulled Demyx's coat hard, making him fall on one knee. The woman put her hand up to her mouth, hiding her smile. She motioned for them to step inside. They removed their shoes and their coat and jacket were taken by a man who was already beginning to bald. They were led into a room, and offered green tea. Marluxia calmly sat on the floor, the way Japanese do. Demyx did the same.

"Man! It's hard to sit like this!"

"Don't slouch! Sit up straight!"

Demyx did, then he complained about his back hurting. A young woman came inside and kneeled in front of the little table in the middle of the room. She poured Marluxia's cup of tea first, then Demyx. When she glanced up at Demyx, he winked at her. She quickly blushed and glanced up at Marluxia as she left the teapot and stood to leave.

Marluxia looked like he didn't notice anything, but when the woman was out of earshot, he took his cup, and glared at Demyx over the rim. He took a sip and set it down. "Flirting with women again? Must I put a leash on you Demyx?"

The look on Marluxia's face scared Demyx as he said that. "No! I - I love you baby!" He reached out to touch Marluxia's face. Marluxia smiled and closed his eyes. Then he grabbed his hand and kissed the fingers, sucking on the tip of the middle finger, looking at Demyx as he took it into his mouth, moving his tongue up and down and around the tip. Demyx blushed.

"No one will co~me..." Marluxia grinned, getting on his hands and knees and crawling over to Demyx, touching his chest and pushing him down to the matted floor.

Demyx's mind went blank, losing control over his hands as they traveled over Marluxia's body, stopping over his butt and squeezing.

"Oooh! I liked that..." Marluxia licked his lips and kissed Demyx. He opened his mouth, opened his eyes slightly, pressing his tongue against Demyx's, moaning as he kissed Demyx again.

Demyx felt his body heat up, reacting to the kiss. He sighed as Marluxia sucked on the side of his neck, biting and licking, kissing his way up to his earlobe. He shivered and grabbed Marluxia by the shoulders, Marluxia's eyes opening wide with surprise. Demyx was panting, turning red in the cheeks as Marluxia smiled at him, touching him on the cheek. Demyx took a deep breath and shoved Marluxia to the side. The little table in the middle with the teapot rattled from the force of the fall. Demyx straddled Marluxia, licking his lips and runnig his eyes over Marluxia's body.

Marluxia smiled up at Demyx and rubbed his back and shoulders as Demyx unbuttoned Marluxia's shirt, kissing on his chest. He closed his eyes when he felt Demyx's tongue on one of his nipples. He lifted his head, looking down at Demyx as best he could. Demyx lifted his head a bit, looking at Marluxia, his eyes relaxed, then he closed his eyes as he let his head rest on Marluxia's chest, listening to his heartbeat. Then he kissed the area close to the nipple, touching the nipple with the tip of his tongue. Marluxia sighed and rested his hand on the back of Demyx's head.

Demyx ran his hands over Marluxia's stomach, over his thighs, his butt. His hands went to Marluxia's wasit, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants and pulling down the zipper.

Marluxia thought that Demyx was going too slow. He quickly sat up, grabbing Demyx and kissing his neck, his hands going up under his shirt and pulling it off.

"Can't we go slowly? It'll seem like we're making love..." said Demyx, letting Marluxia pull off his jeans.

"Now, now Love," Marluxia leaned in close and whispered, "Think of where we are... we can't take too long..." He kissed Demyx on the lips, rubbing on Demyx's hardening length over his black silk boxers that had little red hearts on them. "Demyx! Why... these?" said Marluxia, pointing at Demyx's boxers.

Demyx turned a little pink. "C'mon! Hurry up! Think of where we are..."

Marluxia shook his head and kissed Demyx on the lips, quickly pulling off his boxers. He smiled when he saw Demyx's length standing, already leaking from the tip. "Excited, aren't we?" Marluxia winked, leaned over Demyx and licked off the precum.

Demyx sighed and closed his eyes, his face heating up as Marluxia's warm tongue circled around the head of his cock. He smiled and looked down at Marluxia as he licked fron the base to the tip, taking it into his mouth, taking it out with a 'pop', squeezing it with his hand and taking the whole thing into his mouth again, sucking and biting softly, concentrated. Demyx groaned and held himself up on his arms as he watched the back of Marluxia's head bobbing up and down. His balls tightened hearing the sounds of sucking and the little moans Marluxia made.

Marluxia lifted his head, sweat beading on his forehead already, cheeks flushed. He kneeled, his hand at his chest, playing with he nipple, then it went slowly down to his loose pants, sticking his hand into them and throwing his head back with a soft moan. He took his hand out, eyes locked onto Demyx's. Then he pulled the band that held his fluffy hair up, his hair falling to his shoulders. He grinned and stood up, his pants falling even lower than his waist. He turned around, his back to Demyx and slowly pulled his pants all the way down. But then he stopped. He looked back at Demyx and winked, turning back around and pulling his pants down again, revealing a pink string. He bent forward, his round butt in Demyx's face.

Demyx's eyes widened when he saw Marluxia's pink thong. Lacy, very thin. And bent over the way he was, his legs close to each other, it excited Demyx even more and went to pull the thong off. With his teeth.

Marluxia laughed and playfully slapped Demyx away. He faced him, his left hand pulling on the pink string. The thong looked about ready to rip, the way Marluxia pulled on it and his erection. There was already a dark spot at the tip. Some of the precum leaking from the lace. He looked down at himself, then at Demyx. Then he removed his hand and reached for Demyx.

Demyx quickly took Marluxia's hand and pulled on the thong, licking Marluxia's cock. His hand went to Marluxia's hips, then down to Marluxia's butt, squeezing his butt again, his fingers already in between, feeling for marluxia's opening. He slowly pushed one finger in. He knew Marluxia was ready. In his mind, Marluxa was a total whore. But Demyx wasn't complaining. He loved that Marluxia was like that. Whenever they went to bed together, it was never boring.

Marluxia got to his knees, kissing Demyx, his arms around his neck. He pressed his body close to Demyx's and asked, "You liked your surprise?"

Demyx chuckled and said, "Very. You look so hot... I want you... being here is exciting..."

Marluxia grinned and stood up, looking around for his jacket. He found it and reached into a pocket, taking out a little bottle of lube. He turned and threw it to Demyx. "This'll make it feel good." He smiled and kneeled in front of the little table. Then he leaned on it, resting on his forearms, hips lifted, waiting for Demyx.

Demyx quickly popped open the cap, pouring some into his palm and rubbing it onto his cock. On his knees, he went over to Marluxia, grabbing his buttcheeks and spreading them. With his lubricated hand, he touched his entrance, sticking the tip of his finger in and out of it, then all the way in. Marluxia moaned and Demyx put in another finger. Marluxia sighed. "Make it quick..." Demyx bit his lip and took out his fingers, positioning himself behind Marluxia, the tip of his cock already trying to enter Marluxia. He grabbed it, leaned forward and pushed in slowly, letting his head roll back. Marluxia was so hot inside!

Marluxia let his head fall, sighing. Demyx started with a slow rhythm, long and deep. Marluxia breathed out and pushed back, shivering when he felt Demyx's pubes touch his butt. He could only imagine how Demyx looked inside of him! He moaned at the thought, pushing back against Demyx faster.

Demyx squeezed Marluxia so hard he left bruises! He let Marluxia's hips go, wrapping his arms around his chest and sitting back, still inside Marluxia. He thrust up, breathing on Marluxia's neck, kissing and licking him. He grunted, wanting to moan out loud at how good it felt, but still aware of where they were. A part of him wondered why no one bothered them, wanting to know if they needed anything else. It quickly left his mind when he heard Marluxia gasp and let out a soft moan, his right hand going up to his mouth, biting on his knuckles. He thrust up faster, grinning, sweat already sliding down the side of his face. He rested his head on Marluxia, smelling his hair.

Marluxia wanted to scream. He reached down, lightly touching his erection. He gasped and rubbed the head with his fingertips, lightly squeezing, precum forming at the tip. He let out a moan, and came. A little disappointed that it was too quick. A moment later he felt Demyx squeeze him tighter, thrust up deeper, grunt and felt the warmth of his seed spilling inside of him.

They both panted. Demyx not wanting to let Marluxia go, Marluxia relaxing in his arms. "We better get dressed quickly." whispered Marluxia, standing up slowly, Demyx sliding out of him. He turned and kissed him, chuckling as Demyx fell back, spent. He grabbed his clothes, put them on and fixed them as best he could without a mirror. Then he grabbed Demyx clothes, staring at the boxers again. As he threw them at Demyx he though 'I'm going to set those on fire when we get back...'

Demyx sat up, stretched and said, "That was hot... we really should do that again. Where else do we go though?" He stood up and put on his boxers, glancing up at Marluxia and quickly grabbing his jeans.

Marluxia thought for a moment, a hand at his hip. "Hmm... maybe a bathroom..."

"At home!" Demyx smiled happily, looking almost like a puppy in Marluxia's eyes.

"At home.... maybe even the kitchen!" Now Marluxia looked like a happy puppy. A poodle maybe. A pink one. Fluffy and smelling of flowers.

"Yeah! And what are we gonna say if we get caught?"

Marluxia thought about it again, looking down at the tee pot. "Uhm... we were cleaning!" He smiled, but then his face got serious. "And then you seduced me!"

"Wha!! No way!"

"Aww! Demyx... you wouldn't want to seduce me?" Like he did earlier, he pressed his body close to Demyx's, running his fingers through his hair.

"Be quiet." Demyx looked away, his cheeks turning pink. "We should go quickly."

Marluxia smiled and slid the paper door open, almost running into the lady that served them earlier. "Are you ready to leave?" She asked, bowing.

Marluxia bowed, elbowing Demyx and making him bow too. "Yes, we're going now. Thank you." And man came up to them, the coat and jacket in his arms, bowing and turning, leading them to the door. They smiled as the left. When no one from the teahouse could see them, Marluxia grabbed Demyx and pulled him in close, kissing him deeply on the lips.


At the teahouse, in the room where Demyx and Marluxia were, the lady servant stood there for a minute, sniffing the air. Another lady came in asked what was the matter. The first one asked, "Does is smell funny in here?"


GAWD. Help me with a title? And... let me know if there are anymore mistakes? I don't even want to look at it right now. *sweat*
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