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Title: Secret Film ゼロ
Author: loca_femenina/tristesolamente
Fandom: Jrock wtf
Pairings: Kyo/Pretty Gackt+Miyavi
Rating: R - NC-17
Warnings: Sex and video cameras
Comments: It has been far too long since I've last written. After I've thought about it and have said I couldn't, I wrote a jrock fic. D:
The idea... well, I don't know. Miyavi wasn't in it until the next time I decided to write. I... watch too much porn. Doesn't it sound better in Japafuckinese though! STFU up about the title. The whole fic made me laugh as I wrote it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it. XD It really wasn't hard! :O

Secret Film ゼロ

Gackt threw his head back as Kyo dug his fingernails into his back, biting and sucking on his nipples. He moaned as those nails raked down his back, Kyo's hands grasping his ass cheeks and squeezing, leaving red hand marks.

Kyo licked Gackt's chest, giving kisses every now and then. He made his way down to Gackt's magnum hardening dick, grabbing it, opening his mouth all the way and licking the head while looking up at Gackt. Gackt sighed and held Kyo's head.

Meanwhile, Miyavi was there with a video camera. How can he eat chicken and not drop the camcorder? His eyes fixed on the two men against the door, he hastily took a bite of chicken and grabbed a napkin, dropping it and zooming in on Kyo's mouth. He breathed out, "Sugoi.." as Kyo took Gackt into his mouth slowly, agonizingly. He moved the camera to film Gackt's face. His eyes closed, head lolling to the side with his lips parted. Miyavi licked his lips and without looking, reached for a chicken leg from the bucket of KFC he brought.

Kyo let Gackt slide out his mouth, grabbed his leg and propped it on his shoulder and opened his mouth for Gackt again. Gackt leaned on the door, pressing Kyo's head closer to him, making him take more of his cock. Kyo coughed and made slurp noises as he continued to suck. Gackt's other hand rubbed his chest, played with his nipples. He caressed his own ass, touching his entrance.

"Get on the bed!" Shouted Miyavi. Gackt opened his eyes and Kyo stood up, looking at Gackt and motioning with his head to move to the bed. Miyavi happened to be sitting on the bed. He stood up slowly, filming the two walking towards it.

Kyo laid down on the bed. Gackt followed and laid on top of Kyo, kissing his lips. Miyavi moved to the side of the bed to get their kissing. Gackt straddled Kyo, noticeably smaller than himself. He rubbed Kyo's nipples with his fingers, making Kyo groan. Miyavi was now behind them, zooming in a bit on Kyo's erection and Gackt's butt, how it looked pressed between those buttcheeks.

Gackt leaned in closer to Kyo, his hips moving forward and back, rubbing his erection against Kyo's stomach. Kyo grabbed Gackt's hips as he sat up, kissing Gackt's jaw and licking his neck. Their erections were rubbing each other now with Gackt still moving on top of Kyo. Kyo tried his best to reach the drawer without separating his lips from Gackt's skin. Miyavi saw this and stood slowly, said "I'll get it," knowing he was gonna look for lube. The camera was never moved from the two of them. Miyavi's long arm opened the drawer and shuffled for the lube quickly, throwing it next to Kyo.

Kyo felt the cool bottle by his leg. He grabbed it, popped open the top and squeezed it onto both his and Gackt's erections. Gackt stopped moving and brought his hand between them, rubbing both of their cocks. Kyo breathed onto Gackt's chest, lubing up his fingers and reaching back, his middle finger finding Gackt's entrance. Miyavi, again, zoomed into their actions. Another piece of chicken was only halfway to his mouth when he saw Kyo lay back, fingers still inside Gackt, and Gackt moving up and down on them, moaning softly.

Gackt sighed and stood, Kyo's fingers leaving him. Gackt sat back down on Kyo and watched him, smiling softly at him. Kyo just smirked at him and grabbed a condom from a pack on the dresser next to the bed. Miyavi moved to film from the side, the chicken forgotten by the bed. Kyo ripped the condom open and Gackt took the rubber, scooting back to unroll it onto Kyo's erection. Miyavi now filmed from behind again as Gackt slowly slid Kyo into him, breathing in deeply and letting out a long breath as he fully sat on Kyo.

Kyo let his head fall on the pillows beneath him. Gackt felt wonderfully hot and tight. Kyo grabbed Gackt's hips and moved him forward and back, went faster and started to move him up and down. Miyavi kept zooming into Kyo's spread leg, how his balls moved with their movements. Miyavi licked his lips again, his own erection wanting attention as well. But he was told to behave and film, or else Kyo would beat him with a stick. *threatenthreaten* Miyavi zoomed the camera back, filming them both breathing hard.

Kyo sat up and wrapped his arms around Gackt, going deeper into him. Gackt moaned and stretched out his legs, throwing his head back. He held Kyo's head to his chest, kissing his hair.

"Get off. Lie down and open your legs." said Kyo, a drop of sweat rolling from his forehead, down his nose, to hang onto the tip and and fall onto Gackt's erection.

Gackt sighed and got off of Kyo, slowly crawling to the pillows, then turning around and laying down, spreading his legs, his arms resting on his chest. Kyo held the condom onto place and pressed his way inside Gackt. All they way in, he paused and breathed out. Then he put one hand by Gackt's side, the other on his hip as he began to thrust into him hard, coming out slowly and going in fast, making Gackt moan with each thrust. Miyavi moved to the side again, zooming in on Gackt's face. Kyo pulled Gackt's hair back with his hand, showing more of his face. Gackt had his eyes open, watching Kyo just as Kyo watched him.

Kyo picked up speed. He held Gackt's legs wide, his balls slapping against Gackt's skin, wet with lube and sweat. Gackt had his eyes closed now, his hand working on his magnum dick as fast as Kyo's thrusts. Miyavi moved from the side and climbed onto the bed with them. With one hand, he managed to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and unzip them, taking out his own erection and bringing it to Gackt's face, the camera still filming him.

Gackt felt something hot on his cheek and he looked up to see the camera in his face, Miyavi pouting at him, asking him with his eyes to suck him off. With his other hand, Gackt grabbed Miyavi's dick and brought it to his lips. He kissed it, licked it up and down, then finally opened his mouth and took all of him into his mouth. He worked his tongue over it all, Miyavi panting behind the camera. Gackt moved his head back, Miyavi's dick coming out all the way to the head, then back in. Gackt did that quickly a few times, stopping and flicking his tongue over the head over and over, making Miyavi gasp then moan.

Miyavi breathed out, his eyes lazy and looked at Kyo. Kyo was concentrated on fucking Gackt, his head bowed as he thrust into him, grunting every few times he went in. Miyavi moved the camera to Kyo's movements. He couldn't keep the camera still as the bed kept moving too hard. He filmed Kyo's face and brought his hand to Gackt's head, telling him to keep sucking.

"Ikiso..." said Kyo, a sweatdrop falling onto Gackt.

"Kimochii?" asked Miyavi.

"Kimochii..." replied Kyo, sitting back on his heels and thrusting into Gackt faster.

Gackt was moaning on Miyavi's dick, still pumping on his own. He stopped sucking and pumped on his magnum dick faster, grimacing as he felt his own climax near. Miyavi started to do the same, moving fast while filming Kyo. "Iku, iku!" shouted Kyo, thrusting into Gackt faster, Gackt's moans coming out higher as Kyo came inside him, Gackt coming right after him. Miyavi moved the camera just in time to catch Gackt's face as he came, mouth opened, face contorted in pleasure. Kyo slid out of Gackt and got off the bed, taking off the used condom and trashing it. He watched Miyavi jerking off to Gackt's face, his jeans halfway down his butt.

Miyavi came on Gackt's face, still filming him. He wiped the remaining cum on Gackt's cheek, breathing out "Kimochii..." Gackt's eyes were closed, Miyavi's thick cum all over his eyes and hair.

"Are we done?" came Kyo's voice from behind. Miyavi turned around and filmed Kyo, who had grabbed cigarette from his jacket pocket and was smoking it, sitting on a small loveseat, naked.

Miyavi giggled and put the camera down to put himself away and zip up his pants, meanwhile, Gackt sat up on the side of the bed and crossed his legs, looking at Kyo. "It was good..." He said, smiling at Kyo. Kyo smirked and said nothing.

Miyavi picked up the camera, and began to film Kyo again, who was watching the camera. Miyavi then turned around to Gackt, who stood up and walked towards to door to pick up his clothes. "I think we're done now. Now... let's make copies of it."


Don't think too hard about what happened, yes? They found each other~! And Miyavi wanted to make a crazy movie with them. Together. In whatever. But on the condition that Miyavi behave himself or he would get beat with a stick!


Tell me what you think. It sucks. It's gold good? What's wrong with it? What should I fix? Should I stop writing altogether now? XD
Tags: gackt, jrock, kyo, miyavi
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